Do you want to buy clothing gifts for the men who are special to you during the next holiday?
Are you concerned about picking the best clothing gifts for men that they’ll surely love and
Granted: when it comes to clothing gifts for men, the choices are scantier than for the ladies.
And if you’re not so familiar with men’s apparel, you might find yourself worrying too much
about what to buy for that special man in your life.
Want to gift clothing to your father, brother, boyfriend or male colleague and have no idea what
to choose? Here are some effective tips to help you choose the perfect apparel and accessories
gift for your special man (or men!).

Comfort First

Listen up, ladies! For most men, comfort is the primary thing. That doesn’t mean that men don’t
love to make a fashion statement with what they wear. Sure, they do. But it’s often about the fit
and comfort above everything else.
Therefore, if you’re considering what clothing gifts for men at the next holiday, think about what
he feels more comfortable and expressive in. For example, most teenage boys and middle-aged
men (especially the geeky ones) feel more comfortable in black, or colourful kaftans, sweatshirts
and t-shirts. Older men may prefer loose-fitting and plain kaftans polo t-shirts with pan-trousers
or shorts.

Know His Size

Many ladies insist they only give their men boxers, singlets and handkerchiefs on special days like
Valentine’s, Father’s Day and birthdays because they don’t know the men’s actual size. But that’s
actually the easiest part – except you’re not so close to that man, after all.
You wouldn’t want to get him a clothing present that ends up in his wardrobe untouched
because it didn’t fit. That would be very disappointing – for you and him! Therefore, you’ll have
to take time to find out his size before you think of getting him an apparel as a present.
So, how do you know his size? Ask him directly. But if you really want to make it a surprise,
search through his wardrobe if you have access to it, or ask his friends. If you intend to impress
him with a bespoke apparel, contact his tailor who has his measurements, and buy a quality
clothing material to surprise him with the perfect fit. Better still contact AYÒ made-fits and we
got you covered.

Understand His Needs

“It’s the thoughtfulness that counts.” You probably hear people say that every other day,
although it’s often used sarcastically. Getting the perfect clothing gift for the men in your life
doesn’t have to be so tedious, just take your time to understand what they like or what they
might need.
Did he just land a new job or recently got a promotion at work? Consider getting him a great suit
or a pair of corporate shoes to celebrate. Is he a sports fanatic? Think about buying him an

original jersey or team kit to support his favourite team. Is he the casual type? What about the
AYÒ casual bespok,? A pair of jean, cardigans or crew neck t-shirts?

Think Ahead

Keep in mind that the recipient doesn’t have to wear the clothes you buy immediately. Most
times, an apparel or clothing item that is suitable for all seasons is the best clothing gift for men.
If he’s a working-class man, think about getting one or two formal shirts with vertical stripes.
Brooches and cufflinks will also be thoughtful gift items. Polo pants, casual polo t-shirts,
bespoke traditional wears or formal blazers are also good clothing gifts for men.

Be Innovative

Although the safer option is to buy him clothing items he’s familiar with, you can also take a
chance to introduce him to the latest trends. Why? Some men just don’t like shopping! Although
some are aware that their wardrobes are outdated, they just can’t make out time to give their
wardrobes an upgrade.
If you’ve been through his wardrobe and observed that there are upgrades to his favourite styles,
don’t hesitate to get him those new styles as clothing gifts. You’ll love to see his face light up
when you do! Simple, right?
Bonus Tip: Visit our website at ayomadefits.com to get the best afro-urban garbs. We’ve got the
best quality that you could ask for.
In summary, when it comes to getting clothing gifts for men, these are important tips to guide
you on buying the presents he’ll truly appreciate. Make sure he’ll look fit and comfortable in
them, and that the gifts will match his style!

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