Everyone wants a neat and orderly wardrobe, the biggest challenge, however, is how to get it organised. When your wardrobe is full of many clothes you no longer wear, it’s becoming increasingly tedious to find what you need inside, and it’s so jam-packed that your clothes get wrinkled – those are telltale signs that you need to declutter your wardrobe ASAP!

Not only does decluttering help to get rid of the excess junk, it also helps you to take better care of what’s left in your wardrobe. If you’ve been putting off the process of streamlining your wardrobe because you thought it’s a herculean task, we’ve compiled some actionable tips for getting the tidy wardrobe of your dreams in a quick and easy way.

Make all items visible

To declutter your wardrobe, it’s essential to start with making every clothing item visible in plain sight. This will help you know exactly what you have, so that you can determine which ones are worth keeping and which ones should go because they’ve not been used in a long time. 

Be guided by your wardrobe’s size. You may just have to come to terms with the fact that no matter how ‘sentimental’ and ‘attached’ you feel about some clothes, you’ll just have to part with them because you seldom wear them. This will help you keep your remaining clothes visible so that you can easily glance at what you have to wear.

Ask the key wardrobe decluttering questions

The next step is to ask yourself the key decluttering questions about every item in your wardrobe. These questions are:

Do I love this item?

Do I wear it?

Does it fit comfortably?

Does it project the image I desire?

Does it itch or scratch?

Is it still in good shape?

Is it moldy, smelly, or stained?

Be brutally honest with yourself, and answer these questions with sincerity. If you haven’t worn it in the last 2 years, chances are you won’t be wearing it this year. If you can, invite a friend to tell you if an item no longer serves you. Don’t forget that you have a limited wardrobe space, it’s therefore essential that you don’t waste that luxury space on clothing you’re no longer enthusiastic about.

Decide what to keep

The key decluttering questions will guide you on what to keep or discard. Go through all your clothes and only keep items which satisfy one of two conditions – or both: you really need them or you really love them. Make sure you really love those items you’re keeping though, and not just vaguely like.

To narrow down your choices a little further, look at what you have multiples of and thin this down. For example, if you have 5-7 ‘useful’ T-shirts, get rid of any other greying, washed-out or scruffy T-shirts. Furthermore, get rid of every item that proves quite difficult to wear, such as those requiring regular ironing or dry cleaning you can’t afford, or a particular type of accessory or underwear you don’t have. Throw those kinds of items in a bag or bin and decide whether to sell or give them away.

Hang your clothes in order

After you’ve decided on what to keep, hang your final selection in order in your wardrobe. There are two basic categories you can use: clothing type or colour, or a combination of both. Consider using this order, from left to right: evening dresses and party wear → jackets and blazers → tops/blouses → trousers/skirts → outerwear. Then, arrange each category into colours. That means, you could further sort your tops/blouses into blue, white and black. With this order, you’ll be able to see your wardrobe’s content more easily. 

Use non-slip hangers to keep your clothes in your wardrobe. This will help you prevent your clothes from falling to the bottom of your newly organised wardrobe and become forgotten again.

Get rid of items you’re decluttering ASAP!

For those items you’ve decided to evacuate from your wardrobe, bag them up and get rid of them as soon as possible. Don’t give yourself a chance to hold on to them and second-guess your decluttering decisions.

Declutter your wardrobe again often

Don’t forget that decluttering isn’t a one-day job. If you really want to declutter your wardrobe, repeat the process often. Each time you declutter your wardrobe, you’ll likely be able to do away with the more redundant items. With this, your wardrobe gets thinner, giving you more clarity, and more time to care for your clothes in a better way. Also, realizing you don’t miss any of the clothes you got rid of can also encourage you to declutter more.

Although decluttering can be a tough task, we hope that these tried-and-true tips will help make it easier to declutter your wardrobe.

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